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The Kiwanis Club of Kern, Bakersfield meets each Thursday - Noon, at the Petroleum Club, Stockdale Towers (12th floor), California Ave. and Mohawk St. (1/31/03).


Starting our 69th year, the Kiwanis Club of Kern has 42 members with no Charter Members since we lost 1961 President John Boydstun, Sr. on August 31, 2016.


The Kern Kiwanis Club held their 12th Annual and Final Million Dollar Hole-In-One Shootout at Jose's Golf Range and Pro Shop on June 1-4, 2006 under the Co-Chairs PSDLG John W. Stephenson & Tammy Lodermeier (PP South Bakersfield). The golf ball sales raised $153,218 for community service with the follows yearly sales: 1995 - $13,514, 1996 - $14,637, 1997 - $14,945, 1998 - $15,068, 1999 - $16,111, 2000 - $11,760, 2001 - $12,401, 2002 - $8,831, 2003 - $11,976, 2004 - $12,512, 2005 - $11,110 and 2006 - $10,353. Summary, Press Release, Photos & Poster for details.


The Kern Kiwanis Club funded Community Service Projects $11,513.17 for the following 2015-16 committees: Children's Welfare ($3,377,34), Vocational Guidance ($1,174.61), Boys' and Girls' ($1,834.23), Young Children - Priority One ($998.45), WSP2/The ELIMINATE Project ($1,480.00), Literacy ($700.00), KIWIN'S Key Clubs & Advisor ($1,282.40), K-Kids Club ($245.14), Resonance Board ($0.00), Cal-Nev-Ha District Foundation ($150.00) and Kiwanis International Foundation ($270.00).


The Kern Kiwanis Foundation funded Community Service Projects with a total of $8,000.00 during 2015-16 for the following groups: Boy Scouts, Bethany Services - Bakersfield Homeless Center, Friendship House, The Bakersfield Salvation Army, Alliance Against Family Violence, Altzheimers Association of Kern, Erskine Fire Relief (Enforum), Bostick Scholarship at Taft HS, and other worthy charitable work in Kern County.

The Kern Kiwanis Foundation was established on August 7, 1969, and in the past 10 years, the assets have increased from $147,194 to $195,076, because of the generous contributions from the members of Kern Kiwanis and the excellent investment stewardship of the Foundation's Board of Directors. During this same period, the Foundation donated to local charities a total of $79,836. The Foundation effectively donated to local charities a small amount of its investment earnings and 100% of the $69,589 in donations that it received from the Kern Kiwanis Club members during the past 10 years.


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